New Workout That Will Kick Your Booty!

When Pilates ProWorks asked me to try their new workout they were about to launch, I was IN! Besides the fact that I love trying new workouts, this workout was a trifecta of my favorite ways to sweat. matBox (their new, amazing workout) combines kickboxing, Pilates and yoga for a total body sweat sesh. It’s truly a […]

Jump (bounce) your way into a sweat.

Did you jump on a trampoline as a kid (maybe even as an adult)? My girlfriend invited me to try a workout that I had never heard of – SkyRobics. When she told me it involved jumping and bouncing on an oversized trampoline, I was in. So, what is SkyRobics? Well, it’s a low-impact workout […]

I took a jab – GYMJAB

At the beginning of September, I mentioned that fall is a great time to try new workouts -switch it up, challenge yourself. Here’s another workout to try…. Yesterday, I checked out GYMJAB  (located in Minnetonka) – a new small group fitness gym that provides group fitness and boxing classes along with personal training. I grabbed a […]

Sweet summer Saturday.

I started off my Saturday with a little butt-kickin’ at Discover Strength. It was tougher than usual because my body was still screaming from TigerBarre at Tiger Athletics on Thursday. But, I pushed through it and survived. I will be changing up my workout schedule a bit starting tomorrow. It’s good to switch it up […]

Muscles Are Good

Muscles. Are. Good. Here’s one thing I hear the most from the ladies about lifting weights…. “I don’t want to get bulky”. Well, good news. You won’t turn into the Incredible Hulk. You won’t look like a bodybuilder. You will, however, look and feel better. Excuse number two…. “I don’t have time”. Again, great news, […]



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