Let’s Talk Eyebrows.

Many people say they first notice a person’s eyes when meeting them. Well, if your eyebrows aren’t doing your eyes justice, then you aren’t putting your best face forward. Just like a haircut, your eyebrows should be shaped to flatter your facial features. Getting that perfect arch can take years off your face and can […]

Get Your Beauty Sleep.

Do you wake up with sleep lines on your face? Is your hair and/or skin on the drier side? Well, you should try this amazing pillowcase that I’ve been using. Yes, I said pillowcase. Satin pillowcases have been suggested to me by several people in the beauty industry. Honestly, I never bought one because I […]

Eyelash tint and perm? Yes, and it’s awesome!

I’m a lash lady all the way! I can’t imagine a life without my big luscious lashes, but I understand those that don’t want the cost and maintenance that goes along with it. What if you could perm and tint your lashes to achieve a beautiful curl and dark, rich color? No mascara mornings, no […]

Plump your lips in 3-5 minutes. Count me in!

Yes, I have an obsession with lip products. Glosses, oils, lipsticks, chapsticks…..all of them. When my lash guru, Jenn, at Wink told me about the new lip plumper/moisturizer she got in, I needed it…STAT. There I was, the very next morning at Wink. She applied the product to my lips before she started beautifying my […]

Blush and Eyebrows go a long way.

When I have to leave the house in a hurry, there are two things that go on my face: Blush & Eyebrow Pencil. These two products can do wonders on a bare face. The blush brings some life to your face; it tells the world “hey, I’m alive over here, look at my glowing cheeks”. The brow […]

Lash love from Wink Spa! {Edina}

My lash guru, Jenn, has opened her own lovely space in Edina called Wink (right across from the Galleria). Yes, I love the name too. I’ve raved about her lash and brow artistry many of times. She is the absolute best at providing the most beautiful lash extensions. Her attention to detail and passion shows […]



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