St. Patrick’s Day inspiration.

You may or may not know, I blog for one of my favorite fitness studios – Haute Barre. I just finished a blog post for them and looked at my husband and said, “my blog post just convinced me to go buy everything I just wrote about”. Don’t you just want all of it? Yeah, me too. […]

Beauty Box by Target – did you snag one?

The long awaited Beauty Box by Target has arrived. If you were one of the lucky ones to snag this $5 box of goodies, then you know it’s a been about 6ish weeks of waiting…… The offer to purchase this beauty box was posted on the Target Style Facebook Page. It was so popular it sold in just […]

Peacefully fragrant.

I am feeling rather peaceful and blissed today. I had a great weekend. Yesterday, my mom and stepdad came to visit and my husband I invited my fam over to grill in the evening (70 degrees on November 10th wasn’t so bad). Today, I was up early for a kick ass realryder class followed by […]

Rest? Sure….

So, the last couple days I haven’t been feeling 100%. I’m not sick, but just achy and need a little TLC. Better now than when I am on vacay in a few days. I really want to rest, but I just can’t. Here’s what I do when I should be resting…. Take hot showers with […]



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