This is the Body Scrub of the Year.

This body exfoliant from Fresh is making my showers magical. Seriously. Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant (8oz / $45) Imagine massaging crushed cocoa and coconut shells, cocoa butter, cocoa extract and coconut oil all over your body in the shower. This scrub is the perfect recipe for soft, smooth skin. The shells gently slough off the […]

Blush and Eyebrows go a long way.

When I have to leave the house in a hurry, there are two things that go on my face: Blush & Eyebrow Pencil. These two products can do wonders on a bare face. The blush brings some life to your face; it tells the world “hey, I’m alive over here, look at my glowing cheeks”. The brow […]

Can’t Get Enough Dior. {Addict Lip Polish}

Can Dior go wrong? Uhm, no. Like Chanel, I hoard Dior lip glosses. There is an entire drawer in my bathroom dedicated to lip gloss (along with every purse, office drawer, gym bag, and storage compartments in my car). I’m never without my gloss. So, back to the Dior gloss. I’m not sure how this […]

My little perfume secret.

I like fragrance. Who doesn’t? I like switching up my scents all the time. I used to be loyal to one fragrance, but then I started cheating. Once a cheater, always a cheater. It’s true. I can’t stop dabbling into new scents. So, as you know, Sephora has a pretty good selection of perfumes, colognes, […]

Smooth it out – your face that is.

Want a smooth fresh complexion? Yeah, we all do. This product will help get you there! Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx™ Peeling Gel $48 This peeling gel was made for me. If you are like me and get huge satisfaction in seeing and feeling your skin peel off (in a gentle manner), then this is made for […]

The best hair dryer eva.

I’ve had my hair dryer for ten years – ten freakin’ years. It’s truly the best hair dryer. ( Okay, now that I’ve let you know about my amazing dryer, it better not die tomorrow ). It’s the T3 Professional Blow Dryer. This tool comes with me on every single vacation, weekend getaway and even […]

Shimmery, glimmery goodness.

I love a little healthy glow and I have found the perfect shimmer balm for just that. Meet Bathina – Take a Picture, it Lasts Longer Body Balm by Benefit. ($28) This balm leaves your skin with a healthy, subtle glimmer. If you want glitter and sparkles, this isn’t for you. It really is just a […]

My favorite everyday makeup collection!

My favorite everyday makeup collection! I have a soft spot for beauty products and makeup. Alright, I am a total junkie. I love trying new products, new colors, new brushes… These are my staples. My Top 10 Makeup Goodies that I use almost everyday.  1. Too faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection $36 – […]



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