A Winter Survival Must-Have for Dry Skin!

I know, I know! My skin feels like it could start falling off too! Minnesota winters are HARD on our poor skin. I do have one tried and true product that I’ve been using for years and it’s pretty darn amazing. L’Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil (3.4 oz / $42) This dry oil is a staple […]

The best lavender line ever created.

Besides managing an Origins store, I also managed a L’Occitane store back in the day. I’ve been a product junkie since I was able to put it on my skin. Let’s talk lavender. I used to hate, dislike, and loathe lavender. Until, I found L’Occitane lavender. It’s pure perfection. And by pure, I mean it’s […]

Confession – I use my husband’s….

Shower gel. I use my husband’s shower gel. Okay, I just used it a couple times this week after discovering it in the shower. For years I worked in retail beauty and acquired enough bars of soap to last a lifetime (L’Occitane – truly the best bar soap). Yet, my husband insists on buying bricks of Zest from […]



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