Alchemy 365 Review {it’s good, real good}

Yes, Alchemy isn’t new, but it has been on my radar since they opened over a year ago. I’ve been meaning to go…..for a while. I’ll be honest, the reason I hadn’t gone was because I was just a little bit intimidated. I know, not a good excuse, but there are plenty of other workouts that […]

Fiercely Sweaty Circuit Workout.

I love circuit workouts! You can get a full body resistance and aerobic workout in one sweat sesh. When I don’t have time to leave the house for a workout, but still want to get sweaty, I will do a quick 30-45 minute workout at home. I combine strength and cardio bursts into my circuits. […]

Hell Bent Fitness {a workout studio in Minneapolis}

“Fitness training for those determined to reach their full potential” – That’s what Hell Bent Fitness in Minneapolis is all about. A friend, former boss, and former personal trainer of mine, Tiffany, introduced me to HBF. She just started teaching classes there and asked me to come check it out. Well, just like a happy […]



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