Your One Way Ticket to Silky Soft Hair

Just in case you weren’t aware, my hair has been to hell and back in the last year. My tresses have endured not only many rounds of extensions, but six months of chemotherapy. Yes, I am fortunate to have not lost all of my hair, but let’s just say my hair definitely felt the rumbles […]

A Hair Dry Shampoo Powder for Everyone!

I’ve tried a million dry shampoos. Okay, maybe not a million, but MANY! I have a few favorites in my arsenal, but now that I have my hair extensions back in, I needed one that will keep my luscious locks happy (and clean). I’m all business when it comes to taking care of my tresses […]

Hair Beauty.

Hair Beauty. It’s the title of many boards on Pinterest, including mine. I always print out my “dream hair” pics before I go to Salon Lili for my hair beautification. I know they will replicate it or talk me out of doing something terrible. Hey, they’re honest and practically my sisters by now. I have been seeing the same gals for my […]



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