Want soft, smooth legs? You need this shaving cream!

I’ve never been big into shaving creams, mousses, or gels. In fact, using my conditioner to shave was working just fine. Sure, I’ve dabbled in a few different products for shaving, but have never been blown away….until now. This shaving cream is a game changer, as far as I’m concerned. Whish ‘Shave Crave’ Shaving Cream […]

I got 99 problems but frizz ain’t one.

Hot Temps + Humidity = Big Hair (Texas style) Remember when people worked hard to get BIG hair? Well, I have a lot of hair and it can get out of control. I knew today was going to be one of those tropical like days, so I busted out my frizz prevention spray from Living […]

Sweet, Spicy & Seductive – My New Fragrance Love.

It really isn’t my newest favorite – I’ve been wearing it for a while…but I LOVE it. It’s an all season fragrance and it’s being called sweet, spicy and seductive – ooh la la! Meet Colette from Tocca ($18 for .5oz or $68 for 1.7oz) If you aren’t normally into spicy fragrances, you should try this […]

Plump your lips in 3-5 minutes. Count me in!

Yes, I have an obsession with lip products. Glosses, oils, lipsticks, chapsticks…..all of them. When my lash guru, Jenn, at Wink told me about the new lip plumper/moisturizer she got in, I needed it…STAT. There I was, the very next morning at Wink. She applied the product to my lips before she started beautifying my […]

Thoughtful Beauty.

Is green the new pink? I don’t always give you reviews of organic, sustainable, non-toxic, or vegan products – but I have a list of great beauty bloggers that dedicate their blog to just that. When I’m researching the newest, greatest vegan hair product, I turn to these fine ladies. My Beauty Bunny My Beauty […]



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