Cure Your Dry Lips with this Nipple Balm.

How many lip products does it take to cure the driest of lips? Well, it took several until I found the ONE. This bad boy of a balm comes with me everywhere. Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips You’re thinking it aren’t you? WTH?! I was too, until I actually tried it and found it […]

Must-Have Fragrance Trio [perfect gift]

Remember my love that I have for Tocca’s perfume, Colette? It’s my signature scent that I can’t get enough of. I get stopped in public all the time from strangers wondering what scent I’m wearing. It’s always Colette. Well, I found these Anthropologie-exclusive gift sets that include all of the best Tocca fragrances! There are two […]

These scented rollerballs from Anthropologie are perfection.

I’m a sucker for fragrance. Makes sense, right? I mean, I do blog about beauty products. That being said, I try MANY fragrances, perfumes, colognes, oils, etc. You get the picture. Only my favorites make my blog and I’ve found some goodies. I cannot walk into an Anthropologie without leaving with something. Whether it’s clothes, […]

My denim obsession.

I love a great pair of jeans and Paige is quickly becoming my fave. The Paige Verdugo line is fab; they are mid-rise, super soft and mega comfy. The sizing is right on and the quality is perfection. I love, love, love them. What’s so great about any of these jeans is that pretty much any […]

Sweet, Spicy & Seductive – My New Fragrance Love.

It really isn’t my newest favorite – I’ve been wearing it for a while…but I LOVE it. It’s an all season fragrance and it’s being called sweet, spicy and seductive – ooh la la! Meet Colette from Tocca ($18 for .5oz or $68 for 1.7oz) If you aren’t normally into spicy fragrances, you should try this […]

Albeit lipstick – super creamy, great color!

I’ve discovered a new lip product (or four) that deserve to stay in my beauty arsenal. These beauties from Albeit are blended with argan oil and vitamin e, which makes them nice and moisturizing. They are  exclusive to Anthropologie and come in eight shades. So far, I’ve purchased three and the nourishing lip balm, which gives you a super glossy […]

Little Red Holiday Dress.

Everybody has their go-to LBD (little black dress), but what about a LRD (little red dress)? The holidays are here and red is where it’s at. So, I’ll show you my favorite LRD. I wore this Ivy & Blu dress ($178) on the runway at Sisu’s one-year anniversary party. They might still have a couple of […]

Loving this fresh & feminine fragrance.

I love all things pretty, especially things that smell pretty. My new fragrance love is Lollia At Last Eau de Parfum ($48) When I first smelled this fragrance, I thought it was the perfect mixture of fresh and clean – like soap. Then, after a little wear, it dries down to this lovely feminine scent that is a powdery floral. […]



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