Everything about hand-tied hair extensions

Everything about hand-tied hair extensions

The day finally arrived. After months of stalking everyone on Instagram who has hand-tied hair extensions, it was finally my turn. I would follow all the babes with the long luscious locks, then I would unfollow because I couldn’t be teased with that mane any longer. Now, that mane is mine.

If you happen to follow me on social, you saw my hair transformation at Lavish Salon in Wayzata. A few weeks ago, I went in to have a consult with Leah, one of the owners. We talked color and all things extensions. She showed me the hair and then there was no turning back. I was all in. I went in a week later for a color and then a few days later, the hair.. all the hair.

I’m no stranger to extensions. For almost five years now, I’ve had some sort of hair help. I’ve sported extensions for both length and volume. I’ve had the bonded (Great Lengths) and the tape-ins. There are pros and cons to both, but today we are talking about hand-tied hair extensions.

What are hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are wefts of hair that are bound by hand (literally by hand). What makes them so special is that because they are “hand-tied”, the seam is very thin allowing them to lay flat against your head, which makes them comfortable AND undetectable.

How are hand-tied extensions placed in the hair?

The wefts are added to your hair by beading and then hand-tying the wefts to your natural hair. This application is not new to the hair world, but this method of using hand-tied wefts are considerably updated and highly sought out. Because of how they are installed, sewn in across your entire head, you get instant gratification!

Do hand-tied extensions damage your hair?

This method of hair extensions is said to cause the least amount a damage to your hair. With there being minimal points of contact between you hair and the beading, there’s definitely not much damage to be had. If you are worried about damage, then hand-tied is the way to go.

How long does it take to get them put in?

The amount of time you spend at the salon is different for everyone. It depends on your hair goals. Are you wanting length, volume, both? How much hair do you need? Leah at Lavish can answer these questions for you and determine what’s best for you. I wanted length and volume, so I have 2 rows of wefts with a total of 10 wefts in my hair. I was at the salon for a few hours. The great thing is that Leah is super fun to be with, so time flies!

How much are hand-tied hair extensions?

The price of hair extensions is completely individual. Again, it depends on your goals? How much hair do you need (want). Reach out to Leah to set up a consult and she can get you all fixed up. Contact information is below.

How long do hand-tied hair extensions last?

This is the biggest reason I wanted the hand-tied extensions is because they are pretty low maintenance. Once you have them in your hair, you will get them lifted at the salon every 8 weeks (give or take a week). You DO NOT have to get new hair every time (amazing, right!). Depending on how you care for your hair, you can make them last up to 12 months. Why wouldn’t you get hand-tied extensions?

Do you care for hand-tied extensions just like your own hair?

Basically, you wash, style and do all things to your extensions that you would do normally. However, you don’t want to go to bed with them wet. I always dry mine as soon as I wash them. If you don’t have wet brush, then you will want one of those too. I take really good care of my hair and only use the best products, wash once a week, and braid before bed to avoid tangles.

What do they feel like in your hair?

At first, it feels almost like you are wearing headband. It’s not uncomfortable, just different. They obviously are heavier than your natural hair, but after a few days you won’t even think about them (until you look in the mirror and see that gorgeous long hair).

I’m so happy with my hair! I can’t stand it. If you are thinking about extensions, you need to contact Leah at Lavish Salon in Wayzata, MN. She’s absolutely darling! She has been doing hair for over 10 years, so she definitely knows her stuff. She did my color too and I’m in LOVE.

Contact Lavish: 952-475-0346

834 Lake Street East, Wayzata, MN 55391

Follow Leah on Instagram for all things hair: @leah_lavishwayzata and the salon @lavishwayzata



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  • Kayra on October 23, 2020

    The salon has done an excellent job! You look amazing with those extensions. I have been using clip-in extensions from Zala – https://www.zalahair.co for many years, but looking at your transformation, I’m thinking I should also try hand-tied extensions. Thanks for sharing!

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