8greens is How I Like to Get My Greens

8greens is How I Like to Get My Greens

Who struggles with getting their daily dose of greens in?


People are always surprised when I tell them that I don’t love veggies. I try, I really do. I have bought so many powders that are supposed to give me all the vitamins and greens that I need, but NONE of them taste good. I tell myself, “You can do this. You can choke it down.” And, I do. I choke it down for a whole three days straight until I just can’t do it.

I have finally found a supplement that gives me ALL the greens and then some. And, tastes good. I was skeptical. My girlfriend was raving about it and I begged her to tell me the truth about the taste. She promised it didn’t taste like a bale of hay with some alfalfa and broccoli on top. I will still skeptical. I bought the smallest quantity of 8greens online so that if I had to trash it, I wouldn’t feel totally guilty. I have tossed canisters upon canisters of crappy tasting greens into the garbage.

Praise be! 8greens forever changed how I supplement my greens.

8greens was created by Dawn Russel with her main goal being to¬†provide people with an easy way to increase consumption of greens. Let’s face it, we don’t get our daily minimum requirement of greens and this product literally makes it easy (and it tastes good). Each 8G tablet combines eight plant extracts, including kale, blue-green algae, spinach, wheat grass, aloe vera, barley grass, as well as spirulina and chlorella that dissolve in water to make a fizzy drink that gives you a natural boost of energy. BOOM!

I immediately felt connected to product because the founder, Dawn, is a fellow cancer survivor that put her heart into creating this product after relying heavily on greens to recover from Stage III lymphatic cancer when she was only 25. She was unable to go through chemotherapy because of an infection. I have to believe that these little fizzy tablets are life changing for people.

I started taking them after I was getting hit with every single sickness that was going through my office. Once I started popping the tablets and taking my elderberry supplements, I haven’t been sick (knock on wood). And, I am certain that I don’t get my greens.

I don’t want to oversell these magical little tablets, but the beauty world is going crazy over them because of their benefits for skin. Some are saying they are helping with eczema while others are giving 8G all the credit for their new found glowing skin. I can’t say it’s changed my skin, but I’ve only been taking them for a month…. so, stay tuned.

How I enjoy my tablets:
Grab a Bubly water.
Pop a fizzy 8G tablet in it.
Let it fizzle for a minute or two.
Get a boost of energy AND my greens.

I have been telling everyone about these little green tabs. I love them. I believe in them. You should get them.


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  • Steven Sonmore, L.Ac. on March 24, 2019

    Hi Jeanna,
    Thanks for confiding that you really don’t like veggies. Though it is true that most of us do not get enough vegetables in our diet, it is important to supplement those missed vitamins and minerals regularly.

    At our clinic we only prescribe pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. What we use in this case is Nitro Greens by Biotics Research. It’s used by some of the best doctors and licensed health professionals.

    You also mentioned support for people that are going through cancer treatments. That is something we also provide at our clinic.
    Best regards,
    Steven Sonmore, L.Ac.

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