[solidcore] is a super solid workout.

[solidcore] is a super solid workout.

There’s nothing better than a fab workout, and I love the hunt of discovering the best of the best workouts. Let me tell you, [solidcore] is legit.

I have a mental checklist that I put every workout through to decide whether or not it’s worth my time (and money). I still think I should’ve asked for my money back when I had to endure a 45-minte spin class with a playlist that included Meatloaf and only Meatloaf. That just can’t happen.

  • Is the music high energy?
  • Am I sweating?
  • Am I actually getting a good workout?
  • Is the instructor motivating?
  • Am I entertained the entire time?
  • Is the workout effective and safe?
  • Is the class having fun? Am I having fun?
  • Am I sore the next day (or few days)?

The first time I ever tried [solidcore] every single item on my checklist was checked off!

photo courtesy: [solidcore facebook]

photo courtesy: [solidcore facebook]

The [solidcore] workout is a small class with no more than 14 clients. The workout is performed on a MegaFormer. The best way for me to explain what a MegaFormer is: imagine if a Pilates Reformer and a Total Body Gym had a baby, it would be a MegaFormer. It has a carriage that moves and is spring loaded with different levels of resistance. The workout is a burner. All the movements are slow and controlled with contant tension, working your slow twitch muscles to failure. You will sweat, you will shake and you will be sore. What about the calorie burn (I know you’re thinking about it)? Each class has an average calorie burn of 600. The best part is the “afterburn” – for the next 24 hour you will burn extra calories while your body repairs all those muscles you just worked!

Besides enjoying the workout, I really like the instructors. They all push you to go that extra mile, but also offer modifications when you’re body is ready to throw in the towel and you really just want to take a nap on the MegaFormer. What I’ve noticed is that after going to several classes, my other workouts have improved. I feel stronger during my yoga practice and I don’t want to scream as hard when working with the dreaded bands in barre class. For me, as I’ve been struggling with a foot injury for weeks now, I’ve found [solidcore] to be a great workout as it’s low impact, but still effective. The workout never gets easier, but your body gets more familiar with the movements. You will notice you are improving by trying more advanced options in class, holding the poses longer and adding additional weights. It’s impossible to plateau because you can always find different ways to challenge yourself and you’ll never have the same workout as you did two days ago.

There are different pricing options available depending on whether you are dropping in, buying a package or becoming a member.  If you are ready to dip your toes in the water, you can get the new client special that is 2 classes for $28. And you can join their ambassador program  – for every 5 people you refer to the studio, they give you a $100 credit on your account! So make sure to tell them I sent you!

You will find a few different types of classes on the schedule:
[solidcore] all levels – this is their signature 50-minute class
[solidcore] ARMS & ABS – this class is 50-minutes, but focuses on arms & abs (hence the name)
super [solid] – this class is for the advanced or as I like to say the [animals]. 65 total minutes of intense goodness

[solidcore] has two locations. One at West End in St. Louis Park and the other is at the Promenade of Wayzata. If you’re looking for a new [solid] workout, check them out. Maybe I’ll see you there! Sign up online.



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