There’s a New Red Carpet Facial in Town – OxyGeneo Facial

There’s a New Red Carpet Facial in Town – OxyGeneo Facial

If you have read my blog or follow me on social, you know I’m a huge fan of good facials.

There’s definitely a place in my heart for the deeply relaxing facials (like the four hands facial) that leave you completely blissed out AND the facial treatments that are a bit more results-driven.

When I want to see results, I make my way over to Angie at SkinDeep in St. Louis Park. She has been my skincare guru for many years. Recently, she introduced me to the OxyGeneo Facial which has been touted as the new red carpet facial (move over HydraFacial) and nicknamed the Super Facial. It’s similar in a way that it’s a system that uses a wand, exfoliates the skin and offers hydration, but better.

The OxyGeneo is a three-in-one treatment:

  1. Exfoliates the outer layers of the skin.
  2. Infuses revitalizing nutrients.
  3. Allows the skin to oxygenate from the inside out.

The experience:

Angie gently cleansed my skin and prepared it for the exfoliation. She showed me the wand she would be using to massage and exfoliate my face. She attached a Capsugen tablet to the end of the wand, which removes dead skin cells leaving the face smooth and ready to absorb all the nutrients awaiting to be put on the skin.

I almost drifted off to sleep as she massaged a nutrient-dense serum into my face. The serum turned a bit warm as the wand massaged my skin. With the cozy bed, dimly lit room, and light music, this is the part of the facial that becomes a bit fuzzy. I kept telling myself to stay awake so I would be able remember all of the steps of the treatment…. but, I can honestly tell you it felt good and produced results.

Back to the treatment… the serum is a magical potion that contains hyaluronic acid, which increases hydration and helps to prevent loss of moisture. Ultimately, it leaves the skin more supple. It also contains peptides, which strengthen the skin and retinol which has been proven to help skin cell production.

The best part of the facial is when the oxygenation takes place. Tiny, little CO2 bubbles are produced and they gently burst on the skin. While it feels neat, it really is doing something. It increases capillary flow and results in optimal absorption of all the amazing ingredients.


Lastly, the icing on the cake is the ultrasound enhancement. The ultrasound tightens the skin AND gives all those nutrients one final push into the skin.

The major benefits include:

  • Immediately brightens
  • Plumps the skin and provides major hydration
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Helps treat acne

Do you want in on this Super Facial? The answer is “YES”. I like to treat myself to this type of facial every 6-8 weeks or before an event (when I need to look a little extra “glowy”).

Angie at SkinDeep is offering my readers an introductory price of $95 for a 60-minute treatment. To book go here.

Get it. Get it. You deserve it.


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