It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Closet

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Closet

If you are anything like me, you are ready to get rid of all the sweaters, boot and leggings from your closet (okay, maybe keep the leggings, because, well, comfort).

I met up with my girl, Janessa, an expert closet organizer and owner of Styled by Ness in Minneapolis (and fellow animal rescuer) to ask a few questions about how to take my closet from hot mess to a spring clean success.

First things first, you need some time to make this happen. I suggest giving yourself a Saturday morning and afternoon to accomplish the closet clean out.

Part 1: Where to start?

  • Remove EVERYTHING from your closet (yep, I said it would take time).
  • Separate by season.
  • Try on everything – it’s time to decide what will go back into your closet.

Part 2: How to determine what stays and what goes?

  • Do you feel confident in the piece of clothing?
  • Does it need repair? (button, hem, tear) If yes, put it into a pile to bring to your tailor.
  • Does the color work? Take a photo of yourself and send to a friend if you are unsure.
  • When is the last time you wore it? (is it still in style?)
  • Why don’t you wear it? (cut too low, falls off the shoulder)
  • Is it your style?
  • Don’t keep because you feel guilt from spending too much or if you got a really good deal.
  • Super common excuse to keep something – “It will fit if I lose a few pounds”. If you really feel that way, then give yourself a deadline. If you don’t lose the weight by that date, then it goes buh-bye.

It’s really about reuniting with everything in your closet and finding what you really love. There’s no reason to have a bunch of extra clothes in your closet if they are just taking up space.

Wondering what to do with all your clothes that you are ready to part with? You can always donate them, give them to friends or sell online. A friend of mine cleaned out her closet and banked by selling everything on Poshmark.

Not wanting to tackle this feat on your own? You need Janessa. She will whip you and your closet into shape in no time. The best part, when you support her, you support her efforts in starting a dog rescue in Roatan in the Honduras. She’s a HUGE animal lover and is practicing her passion by starting a non-profit to help displaced animals.

You can follow her business and her passion projects on Facebook. She will be hosting a couple “Paint Your Pet” events to raise money for her project. They will be super fun and support a great cause.

I promise it will be well above freezing temperatures soon!






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