Why You Need to Try Yoga at The Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis

Why You Need to Try Yoga at The Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis

I’m all about experiences. I have been to so many boutique yoga places in Minneapolis, some are amazing, some are good and some are fair (they don’t make it to my blog). I love yoga, but I look for uniqueness – I need to be wowed.

Side note: I’ve been asked so much lately about my blog and where I’ve been. I’ve been around. No, I haven’t stopped trying out all the products, fitness classes and beauty services, but I need to really something special to take the time to write about it I needed a really good experience to get me motivated again.

I was blown away and inspired from the moment I met Layne Averill (amazing person, yogi, everything). She invited me to come to her yoga class at The Hewing Hotel. Check yes. I remembered seeing photos on her social media of the space and another girlfriend of mine had a private class (with her husband) and Layne teaching. Something just drew me in and I needed it.

So, for Sunday Funday I met my girlfriend at The Hewing to get the day started off with some positive vibes. In walks this confident, beautiful, shining being – Layne. I’ll just say, everyone needs a Layne in their life. She is a beaming light of good energy that immediately makes you feel comfortable.

I love the Hewing – great atmosphere, great food, great drinks, just a solid place to hang. But, now I know it’s so much more. The elevator takes you down to the basement and you walk through the door to the right that says “yoga” and are immediately engulfed with a blissful feeling (true statement).

The yoga room – oh mah gahsh. The walls are exposed brick with mirrors on one side The space was dimly lit with candles around the perimeter. It was like I was in the most beautiful cave and I truly didn’t want to leave. I had this level of giddiness that I hadn’t had in so long. I kept looking at my friend (who had been there before) telling her how amazing it was and how I was never going to another yoga studio again (that’s a lie, I will go to other studios). Do you like spas? Because this was like doing yoga at the spa. Yoga mats, blocks and blankets are all provided, so you just bring yourself and some water.

I was ready for the flow. Layne had just returned from a yoga training in New York and told us a little about it and how she would incorporate a bit into the practice that day. The class was small with just a handful of ladies, which gave it and intimate feel, but also a very safe space to be in. I thought it was unique of Layne to start the class talking about the start of spring and then asked us what our favorite flower was. We all went around and shared our names and our favorite flower. Layne then shared how she loved ylang ylang and that she would be working with the essential oil during class.

So, picture a lovely yoga flow in a candle lit beautiful cave with ylang ylang in the air. Remember I said it was like spa? Perfection. The class was the perfect pace for anyone to take part in. There were hands on adjustments for those that wanted. And the ending of class was a deep stretch followed by a long, relaxing savasana that included some shoulder massages. Like I said, perfection.

When class was finished, I looked at my friend and told her that I felt like I just had a massage. It was so much more than yoga. It was everything I needed that day.

You can sign up here and use the promo code “fiercelyfetching” to get $10 off your class. You are sure to find a class that fits your schedule.

Please try it and let me know what you think. Or, connect with me and I will meet you there! I’m open to taking all the yoga (on Sundays).



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