All the Details on Microblading Your Eyebrows

All the Details on Microblading Your Eyebrows

I did it! I got my eyebrows microbladed at Highbrow Studio in the Northloop in Minneapolis.

What is microblading? It’s a form of semi-permanent tattoo that involves using a special microblading pen (ultrafine needles) that is meticulously used to gently etch pigment strokes into the skin creating ‘hair’. The result is a natural, realistic looking eyebrow. The results last 1-3 years and you can retouch after to maintain as needed.

I am a victim of over tweezed brows (hello 1997). Besides having thin brows, I also have very blond hair. I would have to fill my brows in with powder, wax, pencil, whatever was working for me at the moment. Yes, I tinted them, but we all know that lasts a week and then you are back at trying to make them look even with a brush and powder. Half the time I would walk out of the house with freakishly uneven brows. So, when I heard about microblading, I was IN!

You are probably wondering if it hurt. No. It was no massage, but it wasn’t painful. I saw Ally at Highbrow studio. She’s the owner and the Master Technician. Basically, she’s the bomb. She smoothed a topical numbing cream on my brows and I sat for about 40ish minutes. Then I was ready for round one. We chose the perfect color pigment, I laid back and she measured and began her artwork of drawing on what would be my perfect brows. She showed me her drawing before we started the actual microblading. I was a bit nervous, but the blading went quickly. You feel it, it’s an odd feeling that almost makes you want to sneeze. If you’ve had your brows threaded, it’s a similar sensation. Ally blades both brows then you get numbed again and sit for 15ish minutes. One more round of blading and you’re done (I didn’t feel this round at all).

Immediately after my appointment.

after microblading

There’s just a bit of follow up care, but there really is no downtime. I ran errands afterwards. You will have to go back for a final touch up 6 – 8 weeks after your initial appointment, then you’re good for 1-3 years. I’m so happy with my results and will never pick up an eyebrow pencil again. It’s absolutely perfect for those that have thinning brows, over tweezed brows or just want a shape and enhancement.

I highly recommend Ally at Highbrow Studio! Check out her Facebook and Instagram.

701 North 3rd Street
Suite 207
Minneapolis, 55401





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