Yoga 101 – Tips for New Yogis

Yoga 101 – Tips for New Yogis

Yoga is one of my favorite ways to sweat. Not only is it good for your body, but it’s also great for your mind and soul. But, I can definitely see how it can be intimidating for those who have never tried a yoga class (but really want to). I’ve been to several studios and big box gyms to different types of yoga classes, so I want to give you my insider tips on how to feel more comfortable going into your first class.

yoga101Do your homework.
If you live in the city, there probably isn’t a shortage of yoga studios. They are all over and each studio has a specific niche. Some studios focus solely on yoga, while others may offer a variety of classes like barre, sculpt and bootcamp classes. The best part of all the different studios is that they all bring completely different communities. I suggest stalking different places on social media. You will get a good feel for the community and what it has to offer and if you will feel comfortable in class.

I always like to look at teacher bios online as well to see what their style of teaching is, what classes they teach and what they are passionate about. If you get the feeling like you could be their friend, then you’ll probably enjoy their class.

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from friends or even ask a friend to join you. It’s so much more fun when you have a sweat buddy!

Lastly, don’t jump into an advanced class. Try a class for beginners or all levels first, then feel free to explore other classes.

Go into it with a positive and open mind.
Don’t go into a new studio with strict expectations. Be open and ready for anything. Your body won’t look like your neighbor’s, you may not be able to do every single pose (or maybe you will), the important thing is that you are there. Don’t forget that everyone was a beginner at one time.

Get to the studio early.
If you are brand new, don’t show up late. You’ll probably need to fill out a bit of paperwork, meet the instructor and get acquainted with equipment and the studio. Most importantly, don’t get there after class has started. Many small boutiques lock the doors during classes. You snooze, you lose.

Be prepared.
Make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothing. Wear something that is comfortable and you feel good in. You may get into positions that are twisted, have your legs in the air or in poses for extended periods of time. Choose your outfit wisely.

Do you know what you will need for class? Call the studio or look at their website. Be prepared to have your own mat, towel and water bottle.

Be patient.
This is your first class. Don’t expect to crush it on the first try. Yoga is called practice for a reason. Everyone goes to yoga for different reasons and everyone is at different levels. If you can’t get into a pose, try the modification that is offered or ask the instructor for one. It’s your practice and every single day is different for everyone. It’s okay to look around to see what everyone else is doing. No one knows what “crow pose” during their first class.

Soak up Savasana.
Savasana is also called corpse pose. Typically it’s the very last pose of the practice. During savasana you lie on your back and enjoy the relaxation. You may feel anxious and want to “get on with your day”, but enjoy the few moments you have in this posture. Let your mind go, let your breath slow and learn to love savasana.

After your first class you might wonder what the heck just happened. Always give your body a chance to try class a few times before deciding whether you want to love it or leave it. If you decide that it wasn’t for you, try another style of yoga. You’re bound to find something you enjoy.

Already love yoga? What are your favorite poses? Drop me a comment!



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