Thinking About Hair Extensions… easihair pro is a Winner.

Thinking About Hair Extensions… easihair pro is a Winner.

So, I’ve dabbled with hair extensions for a couple of years now. After lobbing off my long locks for a bob, I quickly regretted it and started my hair extension journey. I’ve done Great Lengths extensions, which to some are the crème de la crème of hair. Well, they’re nice, but for my length and thickness they were way too heavy for my liking. I felt like I was carrying around a 15 pound hair ball on my head. I may have even blamed my weight gain on my hair (any excuse, right ?!).

So, after my bout with Great Lengths, I moved onto easihair professional extensions, which are a tape-in type of extension. Since I’m a hair junkie, I have the maximum amount of extensions you can possibly put on your head (and, they weigh WAY less than the other types I’ve used).

The application of these extensions is fast (and relaxing). You can get a full head of extensions in an hour (or less)! Each hair panel is applied (taped) to a 2 inch section of hair and another panel is applied to the other side of the panel creating a hair sandwich. I’m amazed at how comfortable they are (especially with a full head of them). Easihair is 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair (which means the hair cuticles are intact and flowing in the same direction). This is important because non-remy hair will become dry, damaged, lifeless, and tangled.

You can expect the extensions to last about 5-8 weeks (everyone’s hair grows at different rates) and most people can reuse the extensions up to two times. I say most people, because it really depends on how well you care for your extensions while you have them. To reapply, your stylist will remove the extensions with a special solution, wash and clarify your hair, re-tape the extensions and then place the extensions back into your head of hair. Again, it’s a fairly easy process. My sweet spot for reapplication is at 7 weeks.

Hair extensions are not only great for adding length, but for volume as well. If you feel your hair isn’t quite as thick as you’d like, you can easily add a bit of hair and voila, you will instantly have thick locks that are undetectable. According to the Phresh professionals, most clients are those that want to add a bit of volume.

You do have to give extensions a little extra care. You invested in them and you need to protect them to make them last and keep them in good shape. Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are recommended. Sulfates can break down the bond and ultimately loosen the extensions. Don’t use any products that contain alcohol, this will remove the extensions. You can use hair products, but only mid-shaft down. I use a special brush called a wet brush that is perfect for using on just washed hair. It’s best to dry them right after washing to make sure the bond doesn’t break down. Often I will shower at night and just dry my bonds and go to bed with the rest of my hair damp.

I’ve been seeing Mariah at Lifetime Fitness LifeSpa in Chanhassen for a couple of years now. She has perfected my hair color, style and length. She’s truly an artist when it comes to hair. She’s not just a stylist, she listens and is honest when you ask opinions. She doesn’t just do her job, she knows hair and knows it well! I trust her completely when it comes to my long tresses.


Interested in hair extensions? I highly recommend easihair and if you see my talented hair artist, you will not be disappointed. A consult is required for anyone considering this hair service. You will meet with Mariah (or any easihair stylist) to discuss what you want to achieve by adding hair and will be color matched. Pricing is based on the desired look. A full head is going to be more costly than someone that just wants a little volume.



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