Skin Deep is a Hidden Gem for Facials (and more)

Skin Deep is a Hidden Gem for Facials (and more)

If there is something I truly love, it’s a good facial. When I want to pamper myself, it usually comes down to either a body treatment like a massage or a facial. 79% of the time I choose a facial. I think it’s fair to say I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to spa and facial services. If you don’t believe me, ask my husband. He’s the first one to hear all about my experiences – the good and bad.

Taking care of your skin is important. As you age your skin dulls, loses elasticity and unfortunately we see those pesky wrinkles coming through. Nothing against wrinkles, they add a character. I just want to avoid having them until I can’t fight it any longer. So, like I said, take care of your skin. And, don’t trust just anyone with your face.

I visited Skin Deep by Angie a couple weeks ago and my skin is still thanking her for the treatment. After warning her about my dehydrated and peeling face I showed up at her skin care boutique needing rescue. I booked a 60-minute customized facial and truly felt like it was a treatment just for me. A cookie cutter facial it was not. She applied a light exfoliating peel then continued on with hydrating masks. While the masks were doing their magic on my skin, Angie almost put me to sleep with a shoulder and scalp massage. When I left my skin was plump and polished. I still need to ask her what she used as a moisturizer, because it was to die for.

Here’s the thing – I have known Angie for 10 years and she’s been doing skincare for at least that long. She knows what you need, when you need it and how often. She’s a skin whisperer… really. She has worked in beautiful spas and taken all of her knowledge and experience and opened Skin Deep by Angie. Her goal is to give optimal treatments with the best results while making skin care obtainable and affordable.

What treatments can you get at Skin Deep? Many…

Customized Facials – relaxing and addresses your skin concerns

HydraFacial – plumps, exfoliates, improves fine lines

Microdermabrasion – an exfoliating treatment that uses a tool that uses suction to help polish and leave skin soft and smooth

Dermablading – an exfoliation treatment that uses a blade to remove the top layer of dulling dead skin cells

Chemical Peels – an exfoliating treatment using alpha and beta hydroxyl acids to break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells

MD Pen (microneedling) – one of my favorite treatment that tightens skin, reduces pore size, corrects fine lines and more

CryoClear Therapy – uses a freezing technology that treats age spots, sun spots, acne scarring and more.

All of these services are available plus many more facial treatment boosts. Angie also offers lash services, waxing and tinting.

I recommend starting with the customized facial and when you see Angie she can assess what your needs are. AND, your first treatment is 20% off! The holidays are sneaking up on us and everyone wants glowing skin. Go see Angie and get your face glowing and ready for all the parties.

Skin Deep by Angie
Salon Concepts
4331 Excelsior Boulevard
Suite 19
St. Louis Park, MN




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