I got ALTR’d at the Newest and Hottest Fitness Studio

I got ALTR’d at the Newest and Hottest Fitness Studio

You know I love a good workout, so when ALTR (North loop in Minneapolis) opened it’s doors just a couple of weeks ago, I was ready to get HIIT!

After all the teasers on social media, my expectations where pretty high. I know many of their amazing coaches (pros) and knew this would be no ordinary workout, it would be an extraordinary experience. My girlfriend and I decided to get after it and my mind was blown. From the moment you walk in, to the sweat dripping circuit workout, to the moment you walk out, it’s pure enjoyment.

The space is absolutely beautiful. They truly thought of everything. Need to charge your phone? No problem, there are USB ports in the lockers. Need to shower after your workout? They have gorgeous showers, bathrooms and changing rooms. Thirsty for some cold brew or kombucha? Cool, they have it on tap.


Let’s chat about the workout. It’s good. Real good. The ALTR workout is a full body, 50-minute high intensity sweat session. You get a combination of cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility. The workouts are ever-changing and may include kettle bells, free weights, rowers, Nordic ski machines, TRX and more. The floors are spring-loaded, so all those box jumps, burpees and squat jumps won’t feel hard on your joints (although you can always modify). My class included a dynamic warm up, a booty kickin’ circuit that used all of the equipment and body weight exercises and then a well-deserved cool down. It moves fast, so you don’t have time to hate it. I thought it was the perfect blend of cardio and strength. In case you are wondering if I was dripping sweat when I was done, the answer is yes. I was glowing. I think it’s important to know that this workout really is for everyone. All moves can easily be scaled to your level.

The classes are limited to a certain number of clients, so you won’t find yourself looking for the nearest exit in case of a fire (I know you’ve been in those classes). No really, it’s nice to not have a jam packed room so that the coach (or as they refer to as the pro) can make sure you are getting the best workout for you.

ALTR is currently running a special that includes two classes for $28. So, get on it!

Sign up online at altrfit.com. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



121 Washington Avenue North
Minneapolis, 55401






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