Keep your workout clothes from smelling funky.

Keep your workout clothes from smelling funky.

If your active and a majority of your closet is full of Lulu, Athleta and Fabletics, then you spend a lot of money on your workout wardrobe (and you know what I mean by “funky” smell). When you sweat it out in these moisture-wicking fabrics, you need to give them more care than washing your socks and pajama pants. Think about it… when you sweat, your clothes are not just taking on your sweat, but they are also absorbing your oils and any flaking skin (gross, right?!). So, let’s talk about how to care for your $100 capris (and by the way, Old Navy has some pretty sweet workout clothes that are just as great as any other brand).

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Do not let your dirty clothes sit in a gym bag or laundry basket.
Get your clothes in the wash stat. We all know what it’s like when you get to the bottom of our laundry bin and there it is, that stinky ass tank top that you now contemplate throwing away.

Don’t use regular detergent.
Use a special detergent that is specifically made for activewear. Some people think that by using extra soap in the wash will get the stink out, but this actually can damage your workout clothes by building up and trapping oils, sweat, dead skin and sort of becomes a petri dish. Use a wash like No Sweat to actually clean your clothes and keep the funk away. No Sweat has a special blend of enzymes that specifically work to get the stink out.

Skip the fabric softener.
First of all, fabric softener is the worst for anything stretchy. It actually damages the elasticity in fabrics and coats our clothes with a layer of gunk that can trap oils and sweat in your clothes. White vinegar is a good substitute for fabric softener when washing your workout wear. It will kill odors AND act as a softener.

Wash on gentle.
If you have time you can hand wash your clothes (but honestly, who has time for that?), use the gentle cycle on your washer. To preserve colors you can turn your clothes inside out and wash in cold water.

Hang to dry.
The best way to dry your clothes is to hang them. Heat can take a toll on the elasticity of clothes and also shrink them. Sometimes I cheat and just use the lowest setting on my dryer. Again, sometimes time is a factor.

There you have it, now let’s go get sweaty!




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