AMP Cycle at Lifetime Fitness is a PARTY on a bike!

AMP Cycle at Lifetime Fitness is a PARTY on a bike!

Okay party people! I’m a big fan of cycle classes, however I am as picky as they come when it comes to a good cycle class. I used to teach, so I have some strict criteria that I need for my indoor cycling.

It has to be fun. It has to have good music. The instructor must keep me motivated. There must be movement besides climbing and saddling up. And, if you give me a eucalyptus towel at the end, then you get bonus points.

So, I’m a member of Lifetime Fitness and as you know I workout EVERYWHERE. I don’t discriminate and enjoy the variety that each studio brings. I have access to several boutique cycling studios (which I enjoy), but this time I’m sharing my love for a big box gym class, which I rarely ever do. I think small studios that focus on a certain workout are usually pretty dang good at what they do. But, Lifetime Fitness definitely has cycle classes down.

So, if you haven’t tried AMP Cycle at Lifetime, please do. If you aren’t a member of Lifetime, you can pay for day passes. Or, even better schedule an appointment at the spa or salon and you have access to the gym before or after your appointment! BOOM! Treat yourself. Spa + workout = BEST DAY EVER.

Back to AMP cycle. Friends, this is a party on a bike. It’s not serious. The instructor isn’t walking around looking over your shoulder to make sure your wattage is at 250 plus. It’s strictly a PARTAY. You ride to the rhythm of the music (so the music HAS to be good). There might be some dance moves, some throwing the hands in the air, some high fives and a whole lot of sweat.

I took class at the Chanhassen Lifetime lead by Nicole N. and she was ahhhmazing. I’ve had several great instructors and enjoy the EDG class as well. If you get a chance to take Lindsay L.’s class at Chanhassen, she’s fantastic. The fab thing is that there are many Lifetime Fitness locations throughout the U.S., so hopefully you can get an AMP class in at some point. AMP is a great class for everyone (even the cycle haters).


Formats of cycling offered at Lifetime:

AMP Cycle – An entertaining party with a purpose!

EDG Cycle – A blend of entertainment and metrics.

PWR Cycle – Focused training, with no fluff.

Many Lifetimes are offering a signature sampler class of all three formats. Check out the schedules on the Lifetime Fitness website.

I actually look forward to my next sweaty AMP class. Happy sweating!



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