SkinPen Treatment at Inner Beauty Med Spa (it’s a game changer)!

SkinPen Treatment at Inner Beauty Med Spa (it’s a game changer)!

The SkinPen is being called the “Newest Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Treatment”, and I had the pleasure of trying it with the talented skin guru, Angie!

I’m super excited to see my results from a series of these treatments. After just one, I’m sold!

The SkinPen is an instrument that has houses 12 sterile, disposable micro-needles on one end. The SkinPen has several settings to control the depth in which the needles penetrate the skin. Yes, you heard me right; the purpose of the SkinPen is to create a series of tiny pokes into the skin to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. The skin rejuvenates itself and is brighter, younger looking and deeply refreshed.

Why try the SkinPen?

  • It’s minimally invasive and only takes about an hour per treatment.
  • There’s little to no downtime (every person is a little different).
  • It’s great for all skin types.
  • The treatment can help with acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, sun damage and other textural concerns.


I know you’re wondering if it hurt (that was my first question too). No pain at all!

Here’s more about the process:

First, Angie applied a numbing agent to my face, so that there would be no discomfort.

Next she tested a few areas of my skin to make sure my face was ready.

When I was ready for the treatment she removed the numbing agent and applied a serum that allowed the SkinPen to glide across the skin.

She began the SkinPen treatment. She glided the instrument over my face and it felt like microdermabrasion without the suction. She adjusted the SkinPen’s needles as she worked over more sensitive areas (my nose and forehead).

After the treatment she applied a hydrating serum and gave me some follow up care instructions. She gave me the excuse not to workout, stay out of the sun, and no exfoliating for a day or two.

I was still a bit numb when I left and my face was red and splotchy. This is completely normal, although everyone’s experience will be different. I happen to be a bit more sensitive and get pretty pink after a gentle peel. After the numbness wore off my skin felt a bit tight and as if I had a little sunburn. By the next morning, I felt 100% back to normal.

It’s recommended to do a series of three treatments for the best results. The results are progressive as your skin can see results even up to a year after your treatments. Inner Beauty Med Spa is offering a January special of buy 3 get 1 FREE which includes a bonus peel (and you can add on a Hydrafacial for $75 vs. $150). The cost per session is $300. Just think – your skin could be looking super amazing in 2017.

I will be taking post photos and will keep you posted.

So far, I’m very impressed and seriously think this treatment is a game changer!

SkinPen Collage

Get that skin you’ve always wanted! Call Inner Beauty Med Spa to book your appointment with Angie!


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  • Kerri on February 28, 2020

    I wanted to say thank you for sharing information and tips on the SkinPen. Do you know or have an opinion on how and why this device is better than other types of micro-needling and microdermabrasion?

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