All You Need to Know About Botox and a Holiday Special for YOU!

All You Need to Know About Botox and a Holiday Special for YOU!

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, sparkly dresses and friends and family!

I’m a big believer in taking care of my skin. This doesn’t just mean wearing sunscreen and using good skincare products, but also doing everything I can to combat that whole aging thing….. So, when people ask me why my skin looks great, I have to be honest about my Botox use. Seriously. There is no shame in my Botox game. If I can zap a few lines and look rested when I slept for total of 45 minutes, I’m okay with that.

I will tell you, it takes a special person to be an injector. Obviously, they need to be qualified, but there is a huge trust component. When I met Morgan at the Lifetime Fitness LifeSpa, I had an instant connection. She is very different from any other injector that I’ve had met. To some, you are a number and a dollar sign. To Morgan, you are a friend. She prides herself on enhancing what you have rather than changing your looks. She believes beauty radiates from the inside and that less is always more. She told me, “you can always put more Botox in, but you can’t take it out”. You will fall in LOVE her when you meet her. Trust me on this. You can find her at the beautiful LifeSpa at the Eden Prairie Lifetime Athletic Club.

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Botox Q&A with Morgan Kraut

What is Botox?
Botox is a purified protein produced by botulinum toxin. It works by blocking nerve activity in the muscles, causing a temporary reduction in muscle activity and temporary smoothing of facial wrinkles. It was accidently discovered by two ophthalmologists back in 1987 who were using it to treat an eye disorder. They started to notice that the eye wrinkles were decreasing (crow’s feet). Their discovery changed the face of beauty.

Botox doesn’t become toxic until it’s over 2000 units. You would NEVER ever come close using that many units.

Are there any side effects? 
The two common side effects are bruising and headache. Tylenol can help with the headache and I don’t see too much bruising however, it is very easy to cover up and goes away quickly. Another side effect is eyelid drooping or heaviness. This can happen when injecting the forehead (frontalis muscle). During your consult we discuss this and proper dosing helps to prevent this.

Where do people typically get Botox?
Top three most injected areas are between the eyes (frown lines), forehead, and crows feet (around the eyes).

How many units do clients typically get?
Average is 30 units per visit.

Common doses: between the brows is 20 units, forehead is 4-12 units and crows feet 6-12 units per eye.

How much does it cost?
Each office will vary in pricing, but typical price range is $11-$15 dollar per unit.

How long does Botox last?
3-4 months, but with regular upkeep you may experience longer lasting effects.

The sooner you start the less you have to do because you are not “chasing lines” that have formed. You are preventing them.

Why get Botox?
If you start while you are younger it’s all about prevention and self care.

We all wish we had listened to our mom when she told us to stay out of the sun, well most of us stayed in the sun and now we need to prevent the lines before it’s too late. 

Does it hurt?
People are pleasantly surprised by how minimal the pain is. If anyone has issues there are ways to decrease the pain. Things such as ice or topicals can be used.

For most clients, pain of injections on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 1.5, with some areas more sensitive than others.

How long does a Botox treatment take?
I block out 30 minutes for each appointment, but the majority of the time is the consult and education components.

The actual injections are quick, under 10 minutes.

Is there downtime?
You may experience small red raised bumps but they usually disappear within 15 minutes of treatment and are easily covered by make-up.

You can get Botox over your lunch hour!

Ladies, don’t be nervous, scared, or embarrassed to talk about Botox. If you’ve been thinking about it or have a pesky line or perma scowl that bothers you, it’s okay to take care of it. If it will make you feel better, just do it. I feel like there’s still a stigma with cosmetic injections, and we really need to get over it and talk about it. I love it and will answer any questions you have.

I can’t say enough amazing things about Morgan. Go visit her and you will understand why I adore her so much. You can message her on Facebook with any questions and follow her on her “Morgan Kraut Aesthetics” page.


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