Tess + Tricia wins my heart again with this necklace.

Tess + Tricia wins my heart again with this necklace.

I like all accessories and I cannot lie……

Especially everything Tess + Tricia creates. I have been a huge fan for years. I’ve watched their line grow and evolve, but always remain true to their brand. I love everything they create and wish I could have it all.

Besides watching their line grow, I’ve also watched my own Tess + Tricia collection expand. I do have to say that my latest piece (which was a special gift from my girlfriend) is my favorite yet.

This particular necklace is from their fully beaded collection. Find similar pieces here.

tess and tricia necklace

If you aren’t familiar with Tess + Tricia, they are a mother / daughter duo that built a brand of jewelry that creates beautiful, high quality, handcrafted pieces while being ethically conscious by providing wages to women in need in the local community (surrounding Minneapolis). They work with a local non-profit organization and hire women that have young families and have suffered life changing situations such as addiction, abuse, and homelessness.

Each piece is designed with organic elements of nature in mind. The jewelry is created with raw cut stones, hammered metal and ethically sourced antler tips. I personally love the varying textures, bead sizes and colors used. It’s easy to dress up or down with Tess + Tricia. If I get done with a workout, but still want to look “put together”, I’ll throw on a long sweater and a T + T piece and voila…good to go! Or, on the other hand, my T + T is perfect for date night.

They have more than necklaces, T + T also create beautiful bracelets that are gorgeous alone or layered. I love buying gifts from this brand because they are easy for anyone to wear and you know you are supporting not only a local business, but also women in the community.

Remember, the holidays are right around the corner (hint, hint). You can find the Tess + Tricia online or at local boutiques like Equation in Edina.





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  • Kate on October 12, 2016

    What a great cause, and a pretty necklace!

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