From Summer to Fall – it’s Time to Exfoliate & Hydrate

From Summer to Fall – it’s Time to Exfoliate & Hydrate

Okay, seriously, can you believe it’s Labor Day? Every year summer slips away faster and faster. But, who doesn’t love the fall in Minnesota? It probably is the most spectacular season of the year. The mornings are crisp, the leaves turn a beautiful array of colors and it’s time for boots and sweaters.

I love fall, but I know my skin takes a slight beating in the summer. If you’re like me, you squeeze every ounce of summer that you can. This means taking advantage of each and every day as they shorten and cool down. As I celebrated the last weekend of summer I realized my skin needed some extra TLC. Not only has the sun been one of my BFFs this summer, but so has the sunscreen, bug spray and maybe even a little vodka (gotta love the mules).

So, it’s time to love my skin. What I start with is a good exfoliation and hydration. Besides the in the shower exfoliation, I add a some dry brushing to my regimen. I start exfoliating 3 times per week for 3 weeks and then drop back down to twice a week, but I keep dry brushing 3 times per week.

These are my picks for my end of summer treatment:

Dry Brush ($15.95) – Nothing fancy is needed. I use one similar to this one from Amazon. Before showering, start brushing your skin lightly upward from your feet all the way up to your arms. Avoid chest and face.

Dry Brush

In shower exfoliating products that I love:

L’Occitane Almond Delicious Paste ($42 / 7oz) – The name says it all. This body scrub is the ultimate in exfoliation. With almond oil, almond butter, sugar crystals, and crushed almond shells this paste rids your skin of all your dead skin cells while turning into a milky moisturizer.

Origins Shower Off, Exfoliating Body Wash with Hawaiian Mineral Water ($24 / 6.7oz) – This products doubles as a body scrub and body wash. I love this scrub in the morning or right after a workout. Packed with the essential oils of wild mint, spearmint and orange it’s like a cup of coffee in the shower. You’ll experience a bubbly lather while your skin is gently exfoliated.

Body scrubsAfter shower body moisturizers to seal the deal:

You can always use an organic coconut oil to moisturize after your shower, but I prefer to follow up with coordinating products that I used in the shower (mostly because I love the scents).

L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate ($50 / 7oz) – Why stop the almond party after you’ve started? This body cream is one of my all time favorites and a top seller around the world. If you haven’t tried this milky goodness, then you are missing out. The almond milk and oil deeply hydrate the skin while also helping to firm and smooth. Once you try it, you will become addicted.

Origins Hit Refresh, Cooling Moisturizer with Hawaiian Mineral Water ($33 / 6.7oz) – Just like I love using the matching body scrub in the morning or after a workout, this is perfect for the same reasons. The minty fragrance awakens your senses and it cools the skin as you apply it. It’s lightweight, yet highly moisturizing. If you crave a minty cooling experience, then you will love this one.


Keep your skin happy and healthy throughout all the seasons. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!





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