Got my Soul Pose on

Got my Soul Pose on

Soul Pose – The Happiest Yoga on the Planet!

You may have heard that Soul Pose came to town. When my girlfriend invited me to the yoga party, I was all in. She even got us custom Lululemon tanks for the event.

soul poseSoul Pose is a huge yoga event that visits many major cities and was created from the same folks that created The Color Run. It was held at the Convention Center in Minneapolis on August 6th. The yoga rave was practiced under black lights with loud music, confetti, bubble machines, twinkle lights and lots and lots of body paint. Before entering the beautifully laid out yoga room you were encouraged to draw all over your body with different color paint pens. Everyone was covered in colorful body art. The class was led by a Corepower Yoga yogi, so it was, of course amazing. My favorite part was seeing everyone’s creative outfits. Many groups wore the same bright printed pants, some gals were sporting tutus, while others were wearing the Soul Pose tanks they purchased before the event.

soul pose mpls

I will definitely do this event again if they come to town. Perhaps I’ll put a Fiercely Fetching group together 🙂 It’s bound to be a fab time. The only let down is that there was supposed to be a “market” to shop at afterward. I expected a vendor fair type event, but there was only a couple of kiosks to buy Soul Pose branded products from.





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