Alchemy 365 Review {it’s good, real good}

Alchemy 365 Review {it’s good, real good}

Yes, Alchemy isn’t new, but it has been on my radar since they opened over a year ago. I’ve been meaning to go…..for a while. I’ll be honest, the reason I hadn’t gone was because I was just a little bit intimidated. I know, not a good excuse, but there are plenty of other workouts that keep me busy.

Anyways, my sister and I decided to check it out on Saturday and liked it so much we returned for another round on Sunday.

If you haven’t heard of Alchemy before, here are the details:
Alchemy’s founders bridge the gap between some of the most effective forms of yoga, strength, and cardiovascular training. By blending the very best attributes of these workouts, they have developed a high energy array of classes that will satisfy everyone that craves variety in their sweat sessions.

Classes offered:
Free Intro (30 min): For the first-timer, with plenty of time for questions about how our classes work.

A10/20 (50 min): This is what put Alchemy on the map.  The A10/A20 class combines three proven fitness disciplines-yoga, strength, and conditioning in the most unexpected and refreshing way. The A10 has 10 minutes of hard core cardio/strength circuits and the A20 provides 20 minutes of cardio/strength circuits.

AStrong (30 min): AStrong is a strength training class. Coaches will get you moving safely and effectively as you lift weights and get stronger.

APulse (50 min): This unique class blends yoga and high-intensity intervals.

AFlow (50 min): This is not your typical yoga class. AFlow brings strength, balance, and isometric holds with a faster flow. Peak postures change weekly so you can progress in all aspects of your fitness journey. Designed for the athlete that needs a stretch day, but doesn’t want to Om.

Alchemy North Loop

I went to the A10 and then tried the A20. Before class starts you grab all the equipment needed for the workout. There’s a chalkboard that lays out the workout and what you will need (bands, balls, blocks, weights, etc..). The coach gathers everyone and talks about the workout and demos the movements. Class begins with a yoga stretch and incorporates some of the moves you will be doing during the circuits. Then….the madness starts. You begin your cardio/strength portion. Basically you perform a number of reps for a timed period. It’s a fab workout. The sweat was flowing, the coach was encouraging and the time was flying. I can’t believe how fast it goes.

The classes were pretty bad ass. Whatever your fitness level, you will definitely challenge yourself. I suggest trying the A10 first, then progress to the A20. I’m pretty sure Alchemy is my new drug. If you are looking for a new, different workout then try Alchemy.

For newbies: You get your first week FREE! Make sure to get there a little early (15 minutes or so) to fill out paperwork and chat with the coach a bit. Just bring water and energy! No need for shoes (unless you are going to AStrong), yoga mat, or towel (provided). There are also showers for use afterwards.

Alchemy 365

There are two Alchemy locations to get your workout on: Alchemy North Loop (246 9th Ave. N. Minneapolis) + Alchemy Northeast (120 SE 3rd Ave. Minneapolis)

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