Long, fun weekend in Denver.

Long, fun weekend in Denver.

I love getting away even if it is just for a long weekend. My sister and her husband live in Denver, so that’s always a great little weekend trip to make.

Our flight was at 8pm on Thursday. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I procrastinate (not with work stuff, but with personal stuff), so I decided not to pack and leave it until after work on Thursday (dumb). When I got home from work, my dog was all swollen from an allergic reaction from eating a bug. Of course this happens three hours before I have to get on a plane….  Long story short, I was able to get my dog to the emergency vet, cared for and made my flight with 15 minutes to spare!

Visiting my sister isn’t a “let’s chill and relax” visit. It’s more of “how much can we accomplish in three days” visit. I prefer it that way because I don’t do well doing nothing. So, Friday we took a day trip to Vail and did some hiking to Booth Falls, then explored the town. It was so beautiful and almost magical when you are in the middle of all those big mountains. You realize how small you are compared to your surroundings.

Entering White River National Forest – on our way to Booth Falls.

Trail to Booth Falls
All smiles before our hike!
Hike to Booth Falls

Almost to the top!

Hiking in Colorado

Made it!

Booth Falls

We took a long way back to Denver from Vail and visited the Continental Divide. Wow! When you get to the top of those mountains, it’s just amazing. Words can hardly express how you feel. In town it was 95 degrees, up at the top of the mountain there was snow, the air was thin and the views were spectacular. When you are at that high of an elevation, trees can’t even survive!


Colorado Continental Divide

The views!

Loveland Pass

So, after the hike and long day I crashed when we got back to Denver. I needed my beauty rest because my sister signed me up for CrossFit the next day. She’s an animal and goes to CrossFit Jai several times a week. She can do headstand pushups, several pull ups in a row and all kinds of things that look acrobatic. My legs were fried from the hike, but I was a good sport and went through a custom CrossFit workout. I sort of wanted to die afterward.


CrossFit Jai Colorado

After our workout we headed to a huge flea market where we drank cocktails, ate off food trucks and bought all kinds of fun trinkets from jewelry to clothes to candles. We had a great dinner out and played some games. Sunday came quickly and our flight was the last one out, so we went on a long walk (I could barely move because of the hike and CrossFit, but again, I’m a good sport), some shopping, had some good day cocktails and then we were off to Minneapolis.

Visiting Denver is always a good time. You can just chill at a brewery or get active and hit a trail for the day.

I wish every weekend was a three day weekend. The good news – we all have another three day weekend ahead of us with the 4th of July holiday! Woohoo!

Have a safe and happy 4th!



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