Things You Should Do: Try CycleBbar in Woodbury!

Things You Should Do: Try CycleBbar in Woodbury!

As you know, I love a great cycle class! I’ve said it before, I’m a cycle snob and I’m okay with that. So, when I find a fab class, I feel the need tell everyone about it.

Last week I ventured over to Woodbury to try a new cycle studio called CycleBar. I was immediately impressed with the number of people lingering after the previous class. Everyone was happy (it’s all those endorphins), laughing, snacking and totally sweat bombed. The first word that came to my mind was “community”. It was mind-blowing to me that this new studio that had only been open a few weeks already had started building their very own tribe. Amazing – they’re doing something right!

CycleBar Lobby

Before you ride, you create an online profile on their website and book your class. You can find all the information about the different classes and what to expect. When you show up for class, all you need to do is check in on their iPads. If you don’t have cycle shoes, they have shoes you can use for free! This is a great perk as most places charge you to use their shoes. There are lockers that have coded keypads for you to store all your belongings.

CycleBar amenities

The space is absolutely gorgeous. From the lobby/retail, to the fully stocked bar of amenities (snacks, water bottles, hair ties, mints etc.), to the amazing CycleTheatre. The CycleTheatre is tiered with 55 bikes, so there’s not a bad seat in the house. The front of the theatre has two huge flat screens that are used for showing music videos or your personal stats (if you choose to have your nickname up on the screen).

When class starts, it’s game on! My instructor was Monica¬†and she brought her A-game. The lights went down, the music turned up and you could feel the energy of everyone in the room. The 45-minute class flew by and the sweat was legit. It’s quite an experience. There were sprints, hill climbs, challenges and even an arm workout was incorporated with a weighted bar and different arm and shoulder exercises.

CycleBar Studio

After class, you will get an email that includes all of your stats from class including the number of calories you torched. And, wait for it… can listen to the playlist that was used during your ride (included in the email)!

Now, if this studio were just closer to me. I’m jealous of all of those that live in or near Woodbury. What an amazing studio you have!

I highly recommend checking CycleBar out. They have new rider specials and package deals. Grab a friend and go sweat!

cyclebar logoCycleBar
265 Radio Drive
Woodbury, MN




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