The Most Luxurious Facial Oil

The Most Luxurious Facial Oil

Okay, whose skin is feeling the effects of the weather? Our skin is dry. Wait, it’s flaking. Wait, it’s oily. Oh mah gawd, I know.

So, I’ve been using the secret little oil for a couple of months now and I’m just a little obsessed. I know some of you are afraid of putting an oil on your face. You hate that oily feeling. You don’t want anything sitting on top of your skin. I get it. I do. I don’t want a greasy face either.

This oil though.

rms beauty oil (1 oz / $78)

RMS Facial Oil

Simple, clean and organic – this facial oil is for ALL skin types. All you need is a few drops of this oil on a slightly damp face and it will absorb oh-so-quickly. I promise. It also makes for a great makeup primer. I know, I didn’t believe it either – until I used it.

It contains ingredients to boost collagen, reduce pigmentation, balance oil production, prevent breakouts, heal scars and nourish the skin. It’s truly a bottle of magic potion. I love that a tiny little bit goes a long way and that it can be used year round. I brought it on vacation to help heal my sunned skin. Typically, I get sun rashes and peel from very little exposure to the sun, but I believe I have this oil to thank for not having those issues.

I picked up my bottle of rms beauty oil at goGLOW in Edina at 50th and France. Of course, I called ahead to have them hold one for me because it’s a hot commodity and sells out quickly.

More good-to-knows about rms products:

  • Made with organic ingredients
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Cruelty-free

I’m a huge fan of all of the rms beauty products that I’ve tried. I have every facial product that they make. I’m particularly fond of the living luminizer (a fab creamy facial highlighter), the un” cover-up (a creamy concealer/foundation) and the buriti bronzer (a creamy bronzer that gives you the perfect sun kissed glow). I bought all of these products at goGLOW. Once you try them, you will understand my obsession. My skin has never had a glow like this before!

Get glowing!







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