I LOVE indoor cycling again thanks to Surge Cycling

I LOVE indoor cycling again thanks to Surge Cycling

Okay, lately I’ve had this love/hate relationship with cycling. Indoor cycling used to be my jam. I would cycle almost everyday. I loved it so much that I became an instructor.

Then, time constraints didn’t allow me to continue to teach, but I kept cycling. I’ve been to hundreds of classes maybe more. I’ve been everywhere – from the small boutique studios to the large big box gyms. I’ve experienced great classes and not so great classes (I once cycled through 60 minutes of a Meatloaf themed class…Meatloaf the singer. Holy sh*t). I tend to like a class that is focused more towards the group fitness enthusiast. I’m not an avid outdoor rider. I don’t want to watch a video of the Tour de France and pretend I’m racing Lance. Not for me. I want to get sweaty, be challenged, have good tunes and work hard. I’m all in for sprints, jumps, climbs, tabatas – all that good stuff. I like a dance party on the bike.

So, back to my latest love/hate relationship. I’d find a class I love and then the instructor would disappear, move to a different gym, get abducted by aliens…I don’t know, they just leave me. Then, I have to find a new instructor to love. Look, I’m a cycling snob. I want an instructor that’s committed, passionate and won’t leave after two months. Oh, and I don’t want an instructor that sings during class, that’s what the music is for.

Well, when I heard one of my previous personal trainers, Vanessa, was teaching a class at Surge Cycling in St. Louis Park, I had to go. I just had to. I know that she kicked my ass in the weight room, so I could only imagine she was a monster (in a good way) in the cycle studio.

Surge Cycling
I was right. I was dripping sweat. I was challenged. The class was filled with good jams. I was motivated. I was inspired. I will be back.

So, if you’ve never tried a cycle class or if you have been struggling to find a good class go online right now and sign up for Vanessa’s class at Surge. You won’t be disappointed (you might be mad at me during class, but the pain is temporary). If you can’t make her class, try another. They have all kinds of classes from circuit, to hip hop, to tabata (high intensity interval) and more! All levels welcome. If you don’t have cycling shoes, you can rent them (but, you don’t need them).

Surge Cycling has two locations – St. Louis Park and Maple Grove. I visited Surge when they first opened in St. Louis park and really appreciate the community they have built. I always get a good laugh when I see their social media posts. They know how to keep it real while serving up some awesome humor. It’s nice to be able to go workout somewhere where you don’t have to take yourself so seriously. It’s just cycling!

See you there!

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