Let’s Talk Eyebrows.

Let’s Talk Eyebrows.

Many people say they first notice a person’s eyes when meeting them. Well, if your eyebrows aren’t doing your eyes justice, then you aren’t putting your best face forward.

Just like a haircut, your eyebrows should be shaped to flatter your facial features. Getting that perfect arch can take years off your face and can do just the opposite with the wrong shape. Who wants to look older? Not me. The perfect brow can make you appear fresh, healthy and rested.

Depending on your brow status, it can take time to achieve the perfect brow. The first thing you should do when you are ready to up your brow game is visit an experienced brow artist. You need someone that specializes in brows and is passionate about perfecting the arch.

I see Jenn at Wink in Edina. She’s what I call a “brow guru”. I’ve seen her perform some amazing transformations on clients. It’s clear she loves what she does and is a true artist.

If you are fighting a brow battle with any of these shapes, then see my girl, Jenn, or another brow artist in your area.
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Eyebrow shape

Besides providing fab brow services, Jenn also does facial and body waxing, lash extensions and facials. To see all of her services and pricing click here. Go visit her, you won’t be disappointed!

Wink Spa Studio
3519 West 70th Street
Edina, 55435



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