Essentials on Essential Oils

Essentials on Essential Oils

I’m a sucker for fragrance. Put me in a specialty soap and fragrance store and I may not leave (for a long, long time).

I also have a love for natural fragrances like essential oils. You’ve heard me go on and on about lavender and eucalyptus oils, my two absolute favorite oils, but now I’m starting to learn a little more about essential oils and what they can do for you.

First things first – what is an essential oil?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. They have been used  for years in food preparation, beauty treatments and health-care practices.

Essential oils

There are three ways to use essential oils either alone or blended with other oils.

  • Aromatic – Have you even diffused oils into the air? Diffusing lavender in my bedroom at night is ah-mazing. Sleepity, sleep. Nighty, night. Best sleep ever. You can also diffuse oils into air in order to purify the air or send an mood-lifting fragrance into your home.
  • Topical – Essential oils can be applied to the skin and are easily absorbed. Do your homework first though, some oils need to be mixed with a carrier before being applied so they don’t burn your skin.
  • Internal – Yes, some essential oils can be used as dietary supplements to support a variety of health conditions.

One condition I suffer from on a regular basis is migraines. They are horrible and debilitating. I have been using a few different essential oil products to help provide therapeutic benefits during my episodes. While they don’t cure my migraine, they do help to take the edge off and provides me some relief with my head and neck tension. I place a tiny dab of frankinsense oil on the roof of my mouth when I feel a headache coming on. When I have a full-blown migraine, I reach for the peppermint oil and apply it to my temples and neck.

When 2pm comes around and I’m sitting at my desk needing a fix, I’ll reach for my lemon or eucalyptus oils to give me a pick-me-up. All I do is sniff the bottles and immediately I feel more awake and alert.

There are so many things you can do with essential besides apply them to your skin, sniff them and diffuse them. I can get lost on Pinterest looking for DIY products that require essential oils or blends. Candles, body washes, body scrubs, shampoos, bath bombs, roll-ons and more. Take a look for yourself! With the holidays right around the corner, you could start making all of your gifts now.

Essential oils are also used in natural household cleaning products to replace harmful chemicals and synthetic scents.

There are many oils on the market, but I think it’s good to do your research and find ones that are high quality. I prefer oils that are therapeutic grade, which means:

  • they are distilled without using chemicals
  • they are more costly to produce because they often require hundreds of pounds of plant material to produce only a single pound of oil.
  • they sourced from indigenous regions where the plants grow in their 100% natural environment.

If you’re looking for great oils, feel free to comment or email me with questions. I have a source that I get my oils from and that I recommend. Not all oils are equal.




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