Want soft, smooth legs? You need this shaving cream!

Want soft, smooth legs? You need this shaving cream!

I’ve never been big into shaving creams, mousses, or gels. In fact, using my conditioner to shave was working just fine. Sure, I’ve dabbled in a few different products for shaving, but have never been blown away….until now.

This shaving cream is a game changer, as far as I’m concerned.

Whish ‘Shave Crave’ Shaving Cream (5oz / $20)

Whish Shave Cream | Fiercely Fetching

I haven’t quite run out of my first bottle, but I have already placed my next order; I’m a bit obsessed. Shaving is my least favorite part of showering, but now I actually want to shave (I’m sure this will come to an end, but for now it’s the truth).

This shave cream has this decadent texture; like whipped cream. The smell is delicious (I bought the blueberry), but it also comes in in pomegranate, almond, lemongrass, lavender, coconut and limited edition seasonal flavors. I ordered the lavender and coconut, so excited! It’s unlike any other shaving product that I’ve tried. Most shaving products promise smooth, soft and moisturized skin, but Whish truly delivers. I do not need to lather up in body cream after using Whish, seriously.

More “good-to-knows” from the website – Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream is made in the USA with Earth friendly packaging and ingredients. Paraben free, sulfate free, DEA & TEA free, petrochemical free, phthalate free.  Tested on us, not animals™. All natural with organic ingredients.

Put down the cheap foaming gels, soaps and conditioners and try Shave Crave. You will love it (and your skin will too)!

Step 1: Order. Step 2: Receive in mail. Step 3: Shower. Step 4: Stop touching your smooth legs!




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