Get Your Beauty Sleep.

Get Your Beauty Sleep.

Do you wake up with sleep lines on your face? Is your hair and/or skin on the drier side? Well, you should try this amazing pillowcase that I’ve been using.

Yes, I said pillowcase. Satin pillowcases have been suggested to me by several people in the beauty industry. Honestly, I never bought one because I really didn’t believe it would make that big of a difference. Well, I was wrong. The Satin Serenity pillowcase is the real deal. Made of 100% poly satin, it’s super soft, silky and luxurious.

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First let me tell you what I have noticed after using my satin pillowcase for a couple of months:

  • I don’t ever get those weird sleep lines on my face if I’ve been sleeping in the same position for hours.
  • This is a big one: my hair is much less crazy in the morning. Some days I can literally just get up, shake out my hair and go.
  • My lash extensions last longer.
  • I have super dry skin and used to have this constant peeling on my forehead. I haven’t been flaky for a MONTH! Crazy!?!

Here’s what Satin Serenity promises:

  • Reduces hair damage. (✔)
  • Minimizes sleep lines. (✔)
  • Maintain moisture balance for the hair and skin. (✔)

Beauty experts recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase versus a cotton because cotton causes more friction on the skin which can cause damage. Because of the rougher fibers, your hair cuticles and break and become frizzy. Let’s be honest, all women want healthy tresses and smooth skin and if a pillowcase can even slightly help, then why not!?! You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Satin Serenity pillowcases are now available at Wink in Edina. They come in standard ($35) and king ($39) sizes. Wink has cream platinum, white and chocolate in stock and she will ship them to you! Inquire with Jenn at Wink if you want other colors.

You really need to try this pillowcase. Seriously, it’s LEGIT!

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