The best lavender line ever created.

The best lavender line ever created.

Besides managing an Origins store, I also managed a L’Occitane store back in the day.

I’ve been a product junkie since I was able to put it on my skin.

Let’s talk lavender. I used to hate, dislike, and loathe lavender. Until, I found L’Occitane lavender. It’s pure perfection. And by pure, I mean it’s not mixed with some sub par fragrances… vanilla. It’s straight up French lavender and it’s truly the best lavender I’ve ever used.

I had forgotten about my favorite lavender until a last weekend when I stopped into Loxi to get my friend a gift basket of goodies. I noticed the packaging had changed, so I had to smell it to make sure it was still the same fragrance. Thank God they didn’t change it. I loaded up on my favorite lavender products. I really wish I liked baths, bubble baths to be exact. I recall selling out of the Lavender Foam Bath because, apparently it’s the best bath ever.

These two products are my favorite lavender treats and they are now in my night time ritual. I take my evening shower and lather up in the Lavender Shower Gel, then when I hit the bed, I dab the Relaxing Roll-On on my wrists, neck and temples. I let the lavender oils work their magic and send me to my slumber.

L’Occitane Relaxing Roll-On ($15)
L’Occitane Lavender Shower Gel ($20)

lavender l'occitane

Whether you’re a lavender lover or hater, you need to try the L’Occitane line. It’s a game changer. I shop at the Edina Galleria, but you can also purchase online.



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