Tea Time with DAVIDsTEA

Tea Time with DAVIDsTEA

You don’t like tea? More of a coffee drinker? Keep reading.

My girlfriend sent me a package of DAVIDsTEA for my birthday. She had told me about her obsession with this tea and got me so excited about it that I needed to order it. Well, she beat me to the order.

DAVIDsTEA is a Canadian based company that sells all sorts of teas; Black tea, Green tea, White tea, Rooibos tea, Oolong tea, Pu’erh tea, Herbal tea, Maté tea along with mugs, cups and tea accessories.

They literally have any kind of tea you can imagine from key lime, chocolate chili chai, to one called movie night that has real apples and popcorn in it – no joke. They might sound odd, but trust me, they are pure deliciousness.

My girlfriend gave me a few different kinds that are all amazing.


Glitter & Gold: OMG, this one is so amazing. This black tea turns into a gold glimmer drink.  Contains Chinese black tea, gold sugar balls,lemon peel, cloves, and vanilla.
Birthday Cake : Red and green rooibos, honeybush, and real sprinkles make this tea taste like it’s your birthday.
Read My Lips: a  combination of China black tea, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate bits and spicy red peppercorns. Plus it contains little red candy lips for a kiss of sweetness.
Detox: Rooibos, sencha, ginger, ginkgo, lemongrass, and juniper berries give your system a little reboot.

I have been making tea multiple times of day (instead of coffee) in my special mug with the tea infuser. This is such a perfect gift for a loved one, I’m so happy that it was given to me.



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