Blush and Eyebrows go a long way.

Blush and Eyebrows go a long way.

When I have to leave the house in a hurry, there are two things that go on my face:

Blush & Eyebrow Pencil.

blush and brows

These two products can do wonders on a bare face. The blush brings some life to your face; it tells the world “hey, I’m alive over here, look at my glowing cheeks”. The brow liner frames your face and really makes your eyes pop.

My go to blush is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush ($35) in Luminous Flush (champagne rose color). The color is so fantastic. Most blushes are flat, whereas the Ambient Lighting palettes are multidimensional. They are a hybrid of their ambient lighting powder and the perfect pigmented blush colors. I pick up my Hourglass products at Sephora.

My game changer eyebrow pencil is the Brenda Christian Universal Brow Definer ($18). Whenever I get my brows shaped at Wink, they look so absolutely perfect. I know it’s because I have an amazing brow artist, but the eyebrow pencil helps me to achieve that perfect brow at home. This product uses the pH in your hair follicle to give you the perfect matching color. So, anyone can use this pencil! Crazy, right?! It goes on so smooth and is easily blended. If it gets too dark, no worries, brush your brows out and it lightens right up. I LOVE this pencil. Find it at Wink in Edina, or online.

Try it next time you don’t have time to put a face on. Blush and brows are all you need!



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