We need to part ways.

We need to part ways.

Okay, ladies.

My husband is super practical. We don’t make over-the-top purchases. He doesn’t feel the need to replace something if it still serves a purpose (you know, unless it’s golf clubs or general “guy” stuff).

Here’s what I’m dealing with.


This couch.

I obviously don’t have to explain; but I will. This beauty (along with its ugly step-sister (love seat)) have been a part of our lives for six years. Prior to that, they were in my husband’s bachelor pad for a few years.  I’m ready so say goodbye. In fact, I’ve been ready for a good, solid six years. But, guess what? They still serve a purpose. You can still sit on it. Each end is equipped with a recliner, for your comfort.

So, my goal is to have the bachelor pad furniture gone in 90 days. I would rather sit in video rockers and lovesacs. Okay, maybe just the lovesacs, but only because they are so damn comfortable.

If you have any helpful tactics, please do tell. I’m thinking my nephew will come over with a permanent marker. Or, perhaps some sort of “bad” accident will take the lives of these beautiful pieces of furniture. Hell, they might just make their way to my curb. They would make good college furniture……

They just gotta go. Buh-bye.

I’ll keep you posted.



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