Meet Kate at Complexions on Carter {she gives magical facials}

Meet Kate at Complexions on Carter {she gives magical facials}

Truth is, I had a bit of a rough week last week. I truly needed a bit of pampering and relaxation. I knew Complexions on Carter would help me with that.

Pampering and relaxation would be putting it mildly. I walked out of my facial without my shoes and caught myself snoozing away several times at the hands of Kate Williams.

Let’s rewind. I’ve been seeing “Magical Maggie” at Complexions on Carter for quite some time now. She had an extra room in her cozy little spa, and I kept asking when she was going to add another esthetician. She told me that she was waiting for the right one to come along. Well, I’d say the right one has arrived.


I was all wound up when I arrived for my facial appointment.

The minute you walk into Complexions on Carter you instantly feel tensions release. No really, it has that effect. But, the minute Kate started talking in her soothing voice and gently washing my face, I melted; drifting into a far away land. She washed, peeled, masked, infused, and perfected my skin. My facial was customized for my dry, over sunned face. I needed a good exfoliation which was achieved with some microdermabrasion and gentle peels. The masks and creams deeply moisturized my parched face. The neck, shoulders, arms and hands massage was icing on the cake. My entire body was numb, it had melted into the bed. I can’t remember the last time I felt that peaceful.

Walking out was a challenge (especially without my shoes or keys). I managed to make it to the sofa and sip on some water. When I came back to reality I made the walk my car.

Four days have passed since my bliss filled facial and I’ve been told several times that my skin looks great! I’m already thinking about scheduling my next visit, which will be sooner than later because of a new technology they just got in!

Go ahead, book your appointment at Complexions on Carter. You won’t be disappointed. AND, now that they are staffed with two amazing facial gurus, you can bring your girlfriend for a little “girls day out”!


Complexions on Carter
2228 Carter Avenue
St. Paul



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