Fab circuit workout with Shape It Up Fitness {Waconia}

Fab circuit workout with Shape It Up Fitness {Waconia}

Here’s the truth – I’ve been in a total workout funk.

You know, when you struggle to find the motivation to get your booty to the gym, studio, pretty much anywhere besides your couch.

It happens to the best of us. Ever since I had to put my precious Monster cat down, I’ve been empty inside. I needed a good workout fix to help me get my mojo back.

I decided to step way out of my box and head to Waconia to take a butt-kickin’ circuit workout from Megan with Shape It Up Fitness. I’m not gonna lie, I was totally looking forward to running 50 sets of bleachers and sweating in the 85 degree sunshine. But, the weather took a turn and the bootcamp was indoors. Fine, I’ll still sweat.

Sweat is exactly what I did. Holy moly that class was completely amaze. I didn’t know what to expect other than I knew it would be somewhat of a bootcamp. It was obvious that it would be fun because all the pictures they post on Facebook look like a total blast. Megan seemed to have this fantastic energy that you could feel through her posts.

The 60 minutes literally flew by. I burned almost 600 calories and had a great time sweating it out.

What did we do? Circuits of kettlebell exercises, running, walking lunges (gonna feel those tomorrow), ab work, medicine ball wall sits, burpies, mountain climbers; all the good stuff that I’ve been missing.


Shape it Up Fitness

Photos courtesy of Shape It Up Fitness

Shape it Up Fitness offers bootcamp and circuit classes during the week. She even does some paddle board workouts on Saturday mornings (totally going to do that). One of the gals in class was telling me about this 90 day challenge she is doing with Shape It Up and she has lost 20 pounds – amazing!

Megan not only gives you an incredible workout, but also has her degree in nutrition and can get your diet on track as well. I look forward to going back; hopefully outdoors or on a paddle board.

Check out her website for class schedules, locations and more info. Oh, did I mention that her classes are only $8-$10 for drop ins? Totally affordable.

Go get sweaty!



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