I get giddy over these candles!

I get giddy over these candles!

I love, love, love fragrance. Home fragrance, body fragrance, lotions, potions, everything!

I came upon Aquiesse candles at A La Mode Boutique & Nail Spa and they are just incredible. The scents are blended by master perfumers using only the finest essential oils and extracts. You NEED to smell these.

The candles come in glass or tins. Here’s what I love about the tins – the covers store matches. Can you say perfect gift? I know I would be thrilled to get these candles for a pressie.

Hmmmm, I do celebrate my birthday the entire month of April…..

I’ll be honest, I haven’t smelled a single candle I didn’t like. Aquiesse knows what they’re doing.

Boardwalk Tin ($26)
110z / 100 hours


The packaging is even beautiful for a candle in a tin. Boardwalk is inspired by, well, the boardwalk. It smells like waffle cone, driftwood, surf and sand. This is only one of my favorites. Pink Peony, Cinnamon Tabac, Luxe Linen, and Mission Fig are high up on my list.

I’d be lying if I said this picture didn’t make me want to buy a candle or two (and peonies).


Photo Courtesy: Aquiesse Facebook Page

You can purchase online, or go sniff them at A La Mode in Edina.



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