Arm, neck and ear candy must-haves.

Arm, neck and ear candy must-haves.

While over on the east side of the metro, I had to make a stop at my fave shop in Woodbury; Sisu.

I adore the manager, Heidi. If I didn’t live so far from her shop, I would demand she hires me. Play dress up all day, dress others up all day, bring my dog to work, maybe even sip some wine with the clients. Dream job.

Heidi had me drooling over all her goods that will be coming in for summer and fall. She knows how to dangle the bait.

I didn’t leave empty handed, there’s always something you can find at this lovely little shop. I picked myself up some new arm, ear and neck candy.

I had to include a picture of Cooper, the Sisu doggy mascot. Love him.

sisu goodies

So, let me just say that the prices of these pieces was shocking to me. I love a deal, and they have deals. The necklace was only $22, earrings were $14 and bracelets were $12 for the gold and $8 each for the pinkies.

Love me some Sisu!




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