Glow Mobile Custom Airbrush Tanning Rocks my world…again!

Glow Mobile Custom Airbrush Tanning Rocks my world…again!

Glow Mobile knocked it out of the park once again!

When they told me they had a new formula that was even more amazing than their old one, I had to try it out. How could it be any better?

Truth be told – it’s no less than amazing.

Megan showed up at my house (yes, at my house…it’s that easy) on time and ready to get me glowing. I giggled as I told her that I dressed up for her, as I wore a grey robe with stars and bright aqua polka dot fleece pants. I topped off the look with a warm wrap around my neck and a messy ponytail. Hot? Yes.

It took a few minutes to set up the tent and then the big question, “how dark do you want to go”. I told Megan that I didn’t want “going to the Caribbean dark” more like “I’ve been back from a vacation for a week tan”. I stepped into the tent and she worked her magic. Minutes later I was a bronzed beauty. Literally minutes, less than 10 more like 5. And she nailed the color! Perfection!


You can wear whatever you are comfortable in. I always do panties – I like the little tan line I get when it’s completed.

Here’s a sneak peek at my tan(line).


You get the best color when you let it let it “marinate” on the skin for 24 hours. So, no showering or sweating.

How to prep for your spray tan (straight from the Glow Girls)
Your exfoliation is the most important piece to a successful airbrush tan! 24 hours before your appointment wax and or shave and exfoliate. Use any body products you want during this shower. The next shower before your tan is just to make certain all product is off your skin so take a long warm water rinse and be sure to get your shampoo and conditioner residue off.

Why choose Glow Mobile?
Convenience (they come to you).
They are professional.
Their tans are legit.
You aren’t damaging your skin.
Who doesn’t love a little glow?
It’s custom. No orange feet, hands, or waiting for the beep to turn around.

Are you ready for your glow? Yes, yes you are!



photo courtesy of Glow Mobile’s Facebook Page

Book your tan here. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and use my special offer below. Tan with a friend and save!

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