I did it! The Haute Challenge!

I did it! The Haute Challenge!

The Haute Challenge at Haute Barre is DONE! I started a week late and finished (with a couple extra days tacked on because of our lovely weather that made me miss my last two classes).

haute challenge

Photo courtesy: Haute Barre Facebook Page

What’s the Haute Challenge? Take 28 barre classes in 6 weeks. Calculate that out and it’s 4-5 classes a week. It was so much fun to see the same people sweating it out in class with the same goal in mind. I talked to a few of the ladies after the challenge and they had lost inches…INCHES. One woman I talked to had taken four inches off her waist. Amazing!

hb workout

Photo courtesy: Haute Barre Facebook Page

I did measurements before and after, and while there isn’t a significant difference, (one inch from my hips is gone) I can see that my body has definitely changed. Barre really does reshape the body. My booty is definitely more defined and lifted and my thighs are more shapely. I’ve been asked by a few people if I’ve lost weight. Nope, but barre has changed my body, and I love it.

While my focus was on barre for the last six weeks, I did keep some yoga and weightlifting in my regimen. If you know me, you know I need variety. To be honest, Haute Barre has enough variety with classes and instructors that I never felt any monotony.

Before the challenge I was averaging 1-2 barre classes per week, during the challenge I was making it to the studio 5-6 times a week. My goal is to keep going (because I know it’s good for my bod) about 3-4 times a week.

hb keep going

There’s a party tonight for all the challenge finishers. It’s great that we can all get together for a barre class and celebrate our accomplishment with vino.

Interested in taking barre classes at Haute Barre? Here’s a super special offer just for you!

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Barre does a body good.



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