Valentine’s Gift for Him!

Valentine’s Gift for Him!

What are you going to get that special guy for Valentine’s Day?

Here are some ideas (some are tried and true by my lovely husband).

valentine's day for him

1. Polar Heart Rate Monitor (starting at $69.95)
Does your guy run, spin, workout, play sports, or train for a particular event? The heart rate monitor is the only way to accurately gauge how hard your training. I know my husband loves his and always needs to compare his calorie burn to mine.

2. The Man Can ($49.95)
Yup, it all comes in a paint can. Clearly, this is for a man’s man. Your guy will be smooth, clean and smelling good after using his goodies from The Man Can. This gallon-sized container (complete with its own can opener which doubles as a bottle opener) comes stuffed with everyday essentials like fresh-scented soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and an exfoliator.

3. Tumi Money Clip Card Case ($55-$78)
This is also another one of my husband’s favorite things. He has had his for over 10 years. Tumi offers great quality products at affordable prices. If he doesn’t do money clips, there are many other great items to choose from.

4. fitbit flex ($99.95)
If the heart rate monitor isn’t quite right, then the fitbit flex is another great option for the health conscious man in your life. Worn as a wristband (it has a masculine look), the smart accessory can track the number of steps you take, the number of calories you burn, and the amount of minutes you spend undergoing physical activity each day. It even monitors your sleep activity and will gently wake you up in the morning.

5. Funky Socks from Nordstrom ($32 for 3 pack)
I always like seeing some fun, funky socks under suit pants. I like that a man can dress up and look great, but not be too serious. So, whether he’s in a suit or keeping it casual, these socks are pretty awesome.

6. Beer of the Month Club (starting at $23.95 plus shipping/month)
Now, what man wouldn’t love to get beer delivered to his door every single month? There are many packages to choose from depending on beer type. Sign up for a minimum of two months or keep it ongoing until you cancel. I just might have to get this for my love.

7. Graphic Tee ($12.95)
I just had to list this t-shirt. Because, well, some guys love their graphic tees and their wives think they are hideous. But, I’d say this is a win/win. I’ll be honest, I ordered this for my husband a couple days ago. Will he wear it? We will see.

Hopefully you got some good ideas from my picks. I saw a lot of fun gift ideas floating around on Pinterest too.



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