Let’s Cleanse! A 7-day cleanse that allows you to EAT!

Let’s Cleanse! A 7-day cleanse that allows you to EAT!

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Sure, the New Year starts next week. I know some of you are gearing up to start those resolutions. I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution. This year I’m making a promise to myself, not a resolution, but more of a commitment. I need to more aware of what I’m putting into my mouth. 2013 was good. It was full of happy hours, vino, chocolate, mindless eating. Yes, I worked out, almost everyday. But, those workouts aren’t nearly as effective when you go home and eat chips. Sooooo, I’m ready to make 2014 my year.

How about you? Are you making any resolutions?

The beginning of my commitment is starting with a 7-day cleanse with MAKwellness. I’m not talking about a non-eating, just juicing, I’m starving kind of cleanse. This program allows you to nourish your body with nutrition while eliminating specific foods for a specific period of time. By the end of the cleanse you slowly start to add the foods back into your diet. Well, adding caffeinated beverages, refined sugars, and processed foods are optional to place back into your diet. Hopefully at this point my cravings for SUGAR will have subsided and I won’t feel like hurting someone for a Hershey bar.

Here’s what MAKwellness has to say about the program – Eating has a powerful component of living, and what we eat has a profound impact on our energy level, mood, emotions, mental acuity, physical health, creativity, awareness, and athletic performance.  The goal of the MAKwellness 7-Day Wellness Cleanse is to empower you and your approach to food and ultimately leave you feeling your best. Too often we grab a meal on the go without thinking how this might impact our day or even week, succumb to cravings, feel overly full, or eat because there is nothing else to do.  This cleanse will allow you to mindfully “reset” your awareness of the food you consume, experience how it effects you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and provide you with new tools and strategies to eat in ways that allow you to better achieve your life aspirations.  

Typical meals you can expect are (depending on the day):
Quinoa & Fruit Bowl (breakfast)
Strawberry Banana Smoothie (meal replacement)
Winter Root Soup (lunch/dinner) – I’ve actually had this and it is DELISH!!
Pesto Spaghetti Squash & Tomato Tapenade (lunch/dinner)
Miso Glazed Salmon with Carrot Jasmine Rice (lunch/dinner)
Hummus & Veggies (snack)
Cherry Pie Protein Bar (snack)

And so much MORE!

I asked Maria, founder of MAKWellness, what comes with the program and she replied:
“During the cleanse you will receive a layout of the cleanse, 1:1 nutritional counseling, cooking demos if needed, and truly anything else to personalize and individually set-up each person for success.  The goal is create each cleanse system unique for each person because we all know a 1 size fits all model doesn’t work.”

I love that she states it’s not a “one size fits all”.

The 7-day program is $150 and when you mention Fiercely Fetching you will get 20% off! Tell Maria you want the FiercelyWell special, or just let her know you heard about it from me. You can visit her Facebook page to connect or email her at makwellness@gmail.com (her site is under construction).

I can’t wait to get started the second week in January. I know I will feel good and see food in a different way when all is said and done.

Join me?





  • Katie on December 27, 2013

    Wow! That’s a cool deal! I did a 1 day bpc last year, and did 2 days earlier in december…I got an email saying they are offering another discount, but not sure if I want to take the plunge. I’m still doing pretty good since the cleanse. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Jeanna_Simonson on January 1, 2014

    Katie – I need this cleanse after this month 🙂 I’ll definitely keep everyone posted.

  • steph on January 2, 2014

    Sounds terrific! We kinda blew the budget last month so its free fun only for me!

  • Jeanna_Simonson on January 4, 2014

    Uhm, yeah! I think we all blew the budget last month 🙂

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