Don’t show up at Thanksgiving empty handed. Here are some great gift ideas!

Don’t show up at Thanksgiving empty handed. Here are some great gift ideas!

Uhm, Thanksgiving is in exactly one week. Can you believe it?

If you aren’t hosting, but are heading to someone’s house as a guest, you better not show up empty handed! So, what should you bring??

The first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people is a dish. Not the best idea (unless you are asked) because it may be another item the host will have to clean up and you don’t want to bring something that will clash with the rest of the menu.

So, what are some great ideas?

Flowers – Make sure they are already arranged and in a vase, we don’t want to give the host more work to do.

Wine – Usually when you bring the host a bottle of wine, it’s meant to be a gift to drink later. However, sometimes the bottle ends up getting opened and offered to guests. It’s a good idea to do a little research beforehand and find out what kind of wine your host prefers. Here are some great tips on choosing a gift of wine from Cooking Light.

Truffles – Because, really, who can resist truffles? Unless you know the host isn’t a chocolate lover. (Then, just buy them for yourself)

Candle or fragrance diffuser – Go with something light or seasonal. Pottery Barn carries some great fragrances.

Coffee beans – Chances are, the host will have company staying during the holiday season, and just might share your gift of coffee with guests.

Guest soaps – Fancy soaps are always a nice gift. They can be shared with the host’s holiday guests (or not). I love the L’Occitane soaps

If you must bring something you’ve prepared, go for an easy appetizer that won’t need to be prepped at the dinner or take up oven space.

Happy, happy Holidays!



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