Gym bag must-haves! {straight from the experts}

Gym bag must-haves! {straight from the experts}

Hello lovelies! You may already know this, but I blog for my favorite barre studio – Haute Barre.  I wanted to share their latest blog with you, because it’s full of great goodies we need in our gym bags. I asked all the instructors/experts what they have in their bags!

It’s true. We all lead busy lives, but that doesn’t have to keep us out of the gym or barre class. Whether you are sneaking in your workout over lunch, while running errands, or heading to happy hour after class, here are some great must-haves for your gym bag to keep you looking and feeling great!

Lululemon Vinyasa to Vino Bag ($128) Picture courtesy of Lululemon website.

Lululemon Vinyasa to Vino Bag ($128) Picture courtesy of Lululemon website.

Here’s what the Haute Barre instructors (or, should we say experts) keep in their bags:

amberAmber: Outside of the essentials (like deodorant!), my must have items are EOS lip balm, LARA Bar, Tokyo Milk Dark Roller Parfum de Cigarro, Urban Halo headband and, of course, Haute Barre socks 🙂



bethanyBethany: Start with karma or lululemon brand top-and-bottom combos that translate well from studio to street, then pack a drapey knit top to pull on over your outfit, or a large knit scarf, a hair band to cover messy-head, moisturizing face wipes, and your bare-necessities makeup pouch, general handi-wipes or wet-ones for back-of-neck and underarms and Haute Barre socks.

sarahSarah: Body wipes, deodorant, lip gloss, hair tie, a change of clothes, some fun jewelry, a pair of shades and I’m set!


jarodJarod: My Ipod and headphones are a must have. Music always gets the body going. After class, deodorant is a must have followed by a cliff bar.


mariaMaria: Cute top to throw over workout gear; deodorant/body spray to de-stinkify; the nutritionist in me ensures I always have bars/nuts/or fruit for myself and others, and lip-gloss…my mom always taught me to “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.”


julieJulie: Always have hand sanitizer and cash for coffee (any time of day is good for me). 🙂


carrieCarrie: Extra Hair Ties or ponytail holders. And, flip flops to wear into the shower. MUST avoid any Athlete’s Foot or whatever diseases could possibly be picked up in the gym showers these days.


jessJess: Dry shampoo, deodorant and lip color. You never know who you might run into or what you’ll do after class! Like Maria says, healthy snacks are always a must. 🙂


claireClaire: Flippy floppys, bang buster, coconut water, quest bar, and a fresh sports bra! Gotta stay fresh 🙂




What are your must-haves? Follow Haute Barre on Facebook for fun events, nutrition tips, workout ideas and more!







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